What's On - Young People


We have resumed weekly services on a Sunday morning - please see our 'visit us' page for more information. Our regular activities are still suspended, including Sunday School and the creche facility during our Sunday service, but we will update social media and the website when circumstances change. In the meantime, these are the activities that we hope will restart after the pandemic.


Have you got children that you would like to bring to church? We run a specific programme just for them!

Our aim is to make sure every child can be themselves in a safe and welcoming environment. Our children's workers are appointed through interview only, are DBS checked and have safeguarding training.

We want the kids to have great fun whilst learning more about Jesus and meeting with Him.

If you have any questions about the programmes or want to know more about bringing your kids along on a Sunday then please fill in our Contact Us form.


Sunday School

We have three classes: 3-7 years, 7-11 years and 11+. Sunday school meets at 10am and starts with songs and a prayer, before the children move into their class groups. It finishes at 10:45am when the main service begins.Sunday school - child holding modelling clay snail

Crafting a snail in Sunday School

Our Sunday School Superintendents are Ken & Sheila Kelsall.

We also have a creche during services for babies and pre-school children.

(Please note that all our children's volunteers are DBS checked.)



Adventurers is a fun, faith-filled after school group for children of Primary School age. Each week 10-20 children start with games and the rest of the evening is spent listening to a story or watching a dvd, singing songs and dancing, making crafts (often edible!) and having refreshments.

Adventurers takes place every Thursday in term time from 6-7:30pm. Grace Holland runs the group with her enthusiastic helpers including Val & Dave Cornall.


Youth Group

For secondary school-age children, our youth group runs in term time every Thursday night from 7:30-9pm at Chipping Village Hall. The youth can play games, including table tennis and pool, and in warmer months they play football and netball on the astroturf.


Holiday Club

Each summer, we will be running another of our ever-popular holiday clubs!
As an example, 2017 was...

What-A-Lott of fun! What-A-Lott of Brave Knights! What-A-Lott of Beautiful Princesses! What-A-Great Watt-A-Lott Watt Family Adventure!
The Watt-A-Lott Holiday Club will look at what a knight needs to be a great hero and how God values all people of all kingdoms and longs for us to enter his courts with praise! 


Day 1: Endurance: A valiant knight has to have endurance. This means they will not give up, even when it gets tough!
Day 2: Heroic Courage: A valiant knight will boldly go and be courageous; brave; worthy; having the courage to stand   for what is right!
Day 3: Be Loyal: A gallant knight will be loyal to his leader or king!
Day 4: Hope: A valiant knight never gives up, even when it looks hopeless! A true knight knows there is always hope! 
Day 5: Honour and thankfulness: A knight’s job is to serve his king and queen!

Children can come every day, or for as many days as they want, at Chipping Village Hall. There will be a small charge of £1 per child.



If you are a student and looking for a church during term time then you are warmly invited to join us, whether you want to grow and be encouraged in your faith, or know absolutely nothing about Christianity. Maybe you just want to hang out with some new friends.

In addition to our Sunday Services we also have small groups that meet once a week in someone's home to build friendships, read the bible and pray together. 

Why not come along and visit us this Sunday. Introduce yourself to one of our Members and we will do everything possible to help settle you in.



If you want to know more about any of these activities, please contact us using the form on our website.