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Holiday Club

We will be running another of our ever-popular holiday clubs this summer!
What-A-Lott of fun! What-A-Lott of Brave Knights! What-A-Lott of Beautiful Princesses! What-A-Great Watt-A-Lott Watt Family Adventure!
The Watt-A-Lott Holiday Club will look at what a knight needs to be a great hero and how God values all people of all kingdoms and longs for us to enter his courts with praise! 


Day 1: Endurance: A valiant knight has to have endurance. This means they will not give up, even when it gets tough!
Day 2: Heroic Courage: A valiant knight will boldly go and be courageous; brave; worthy; having the courage to stand  for what is right!
Day 3: Be Loyal: A gallant knight will be loyal to his leader or king!
Day 4: Hope: A valiant knight never gives up, even when it looks hopeless! A true knight knows there is always hope! 
Day 5: Honour and thankfulness: A knight’s job is to serve his king and queen!

Children can come every day, or for as many days as they want, at Chipping Village Hall. There will be a small charge of £1 per child.


138730961022348321206540201000 Saturday, August 19th, 2017 @ 7:30pm
Believers Batism ~
Show the world what your heart already knows - You belong to Jesus.
Speak to Pastor Andy if you would like to discuss Baptism, there'll be plenty of opportunities in the future too